Pole dancing has evolved significantly over the years, both as a form of artistic expression and as a competitive sport. With its growth in popularity, the choice of equipment has expanded, particularly the types of poles available. The pole's material is an essential factor as it directly influences grip, performance, and maintenance.


Different Pole Materials:

 Chrome: A popular choice for many pole dancers and studios, chrome offers a good balance of grip and is suitable for all skin types. It's durable, resistant to rusting, and provides a smooth finish.
 Brass: Known for its high grip, brass poles are especially favored by pole performers in cooler climates or those with dry skin. However, they can tarnish over time and might require regular polishing.
 Stainless Steel: Perfect for dancers with metal allergies, stainless steel poles offer a grip similar to chrome but are more resistant to corrosion and rust.
● Powder Coated - good for those with skin sensitive to metals. The painted surface gives the highest level of grip for a hard surfaced pole, better than brass for most people.
● Silicone – soft rubber coating on this pole is similar to Chinese pole, can wear clothing and commonly used by men.
 Titanium Gold: A blend of gold and titanium gives these poles a unique look. They offer a better grip than chrome poles and are less prone to temperature variations.

Grip and Dancing Dust's Commitment to Sustainable Grip

While choosing the right pole material is crucial, enhancing grip often requires external products. This is where Dancing Dust comes into play. Our products are not just effective; they showcase our dedication to sustainability. Each formula is vegan, biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable, ensuring dancers can boost their grip while also caring for the environment. Furthermore, these grip enhancers have been thoroughly tested and approved by the International Pole Sports Federation (IPSF), ensuring they are safe and compatible with any pole material.


Final Thoughts:

When deciding on a pole, consider both the material and how it interacts with your skin type, the climate, and maintenance requirements. With the right combination of pole material and grip enhancer, like Dancing Dust's sustainable products, you're set for a safe and mesmerizing performance.

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  • Marianne Sankey: February 26, 2024
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    I don’t know what grip to buy pls. I have extremely slippery hands and have tried several grips from other companies without success. I work on a chrome pole. Thanks if you can help I also joined up tfor discount as a new person but can’t find my code if you can help with that too pls for the discount on my first order thanks

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