Every cardboard box that is received from deliveries is reused for packing orders. If it cannot be reused due to damage or quality issues, then they are used for packaging filling or protection on larger orders. If for some reason they cannot be used for either they are placed into our cardboard and paper recycle bin.

We encourage our customers to also reuse and recycle these boxes for their own purposes. 

How can you help?

  • As a customer, you can also reuse any cardboard boxes we send to you, or alternatively they can be placed into the yellow top recycle bin for kerbside collection.
  • All of our 2.5ml, 9ml, 30ml, 80ml, 100ml, 500ml plastic bottles can also be reused or recycled. These can also go in the yellow top recycle bin.
  • Staff also do their part for recycling at work by using a recycling bin for personal use.
  • All waste cardboard is collected weekly and taken to a recycling facility.
  • Our 5ml tubes are PCR material which is made from post consumer recycled plastic. They can be placed into the red top bin.
  •  REDCycle info for soft plastics.
  • Plastic caps on our bottles can be recycled but please check with your local council as rules vary on if and how they can be collected and taken to a recycling facility.
  • If you can't reuse the spray tops yourself, you can recycle through Terracycle who accept these products for specialised recycling. Recycling through Terracycle is free. 
For more information on your councils in Australia recycling click here.