How the products became..

I was a fresh-faced English girl finding my way in Australia when I stumbled upon a body shimmer that drenched me in glitter, igniting my addiction. As a devoted pole dancer navigating the world of pole dance, I observed that many fellow performers shared my love for shining and dazzling on stage. However, a year later, the glittery product we adored vanished, and that's when I decided it was my time to shine.

Thus, Dancing Dust came to life during my quest to craft the perfect glitter. The journey involved numerous trials, diverse formulas, and, most importantly, loads of fun. Rooted in my commitment to environmental responsibility, I exclusively opted for materials that were recyclable and biodegradable. Each new batch underwent real-world testing by my eager friends, resulting in the fantastic products I offer today.

The creation of the pole grip variation was a serendipitous discovery. Feedback from tests indicated a slight slipperiness on the pole for those with dry skin, prompting the birth of Dewy—a body shimmer with added pole aid made from micro wax particles. Dusty, designed for sweaty Bettys like me, followed shortly after. This super-absorbent product contains rosin for grip. Both were envisioned for those moments mid-routine or during a competition when your grip isn't as secure as at the start, providing the confidence to finish strong by swiping Dancing Dust from your body and gaining that much-needed grip.

What a journey it has been—from sourcing raw materials to formulating products, running countless tests, to now having my creations enjoyed by many wonderful and inspirational women who carry my sparkle to the world. I genuinely hope you find as much joy in Dancing Dust as I do!