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Add some charm to your life with our versatile charms! Perfect for jazzing up any jewellery, key, bag, or purse, these charms feature a dancer mid-spatchcock move with sparkling accents and our signature Dancing Dust logo. Channel your inner dancer and sparkle with our charms

1. Dazzling Dance Expression:

   Illuminate your style with our dancer charms, each showcasing a captivating dancer in dynamic motion. It's more than a charm; it's a miniature dance performance that speaks volumes about your passion and movement.

2. Starlit Glamour:

   Adorned with glittery sparkle stars, our charms add a celestial touch to your ensemble. Stand out in the crowd with a sprinkle of starlight that mirrors the brilliance of your aspirations.

3. Glamorous Identity:

   The inclusion of a glitter logo adds a touch of glamour to your accessories. It's not just a charm; it's a representation of your unique identity, sparkling with personality and flair.

4. Versatile Charm:

   Attach it to your keys, bag, or necklace—our dancer charm is versatile. Its compact size ensures it complements any accessory, providing a touch of elegance wherever you go.

5. Enduring Shine:

   Crafted with precision, the glittery elements are designed to last, ensuring that your dancer charm maintains its sparkle and shine, reflecting the enduring nature of your spirit.

6. Expressive Storytelling:

   Let your dancer charm tell a story. Each glittering detail, from the dancer's pose to the sparkling stars, communicates a narrative of passion, dreams, and a love for life.

7. Captivating Resilience:

   The combination of a dancer, glittery stars, and a glitter logo symbolises not just beauty but resilience. Embrace challenges with the grace of a dancer, the sparkle of stars, and the strength of your unique identity.

Elevate your style and tell your story with our enchanting dancer charms – where every detail dances to the rhythm of your vibrant personality!

Attach it to your keys, bag, or necklace just to name a few.


Dancer -  21.2mm x 50mm

Logo - 38.1mm x 19.3mm

Sparkle 1 - 19.2mm x 25mm

Sparkle 2 - 11.8mm x 15mm

Iron, Lead, Tin, Alloy.

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